Vinyl Wallcovering

Vinyl wallcovering can enhance the look of interior spaces from offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools and retail, while protecting the walls from damage.

Fabric Wallcovering

From fabric to grasscloths, paperweaves, sisal materials, we install all varieties of fabric wallcoverings, including environmentally friendly and mold and mildew resistant products.


Digital wallcoverings can transform a room or an entire retail establishment and offer unlimited applications for commercial spaces. We have extensive experience working with graphic and digital wallcoverings.

Wall Upholstery

Installing wall upholstery requires skilled craftsmanship using innovative technology to create remarkable interior spaces that echo back to old European settings.

Wood Veneers

Wood veneer installation requires proper surface preparation, adhesive and primer selection and quality workmanship from an installation company that understands the process.


Dry erase wallcoverings are an innovative solution for educational environments, conference rooms, hospitals, training and retail settings. We install WallTalkers with or without trim & trays, in a wide variety of applications.


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